Friday, March 1, 2013

Valentine's Day History and Myth

February 14 is always at identical with Valentine Day, a special day for people in love, in love, also known as Valentines Day, the day where people openly express affection and love through a variety of ways, whether it's with love quotes or use other means such as gifts of chocolates, flowers, dolls and so on.

Valentines day is always be a moment to "freedom of expression in love". History of Valentine's Day How to do it? Check out the story below ya, let me know the origin of the embryo aka Valentine's Day this term.

valentine day

Valentine Day - History and Myth
Historians say that the starting point for Valentine's day comes from the Ancient Greek era, which according to ancient Greek calendar, mid-February is a day of tribute to marriage their god, the god Zeus with Hera. That's why in mid-February has always done debauchery Valentines Day enliven their gods.

History rolled on, until the time of the golden age of Catholicism in Europe, when Pope Gelasius I in 496 year set February 14 as the day to commemorate the saint services Valentinus, though noted that Pope Gelasius I do not know the martyred saints named Valentine. Weird huh?

To reinforce the legend of St. Valentine, the bones of the tomb of Saint Hyppolytus located in Tibertinus near Rome, is mentioned as a skeleton corpse St. Valentinus. Then the skeleton was put in a coffin made of gold and placed in the church Whitefriar Street Carmelite Church in Dublin, Ireland by Pope Gregory XVI in 1836. Until now, coffins made of gold that contains the skeleton every year on February 14 always attended by many devotees, then held a special mass to bless the young people who are drunk romance.

That carries the legend of Saint Valentine Valentine's Day celebration is removed from the ecclesiastical calendar in 1969 in order to eliminate bogus saints unknown origin.

But the word "Valentine's Day" had just mentioned in writing in the Middle Ages (around 14th century) by Geoffrey Chaucer in the literature the 14th century entitled Parlement of Foules (Conversations The Birds), the following quotation:

    For this was sent on Seynt Valentyne's day
    When every foul Cometh there to choose his mate

In that era, every 14, pairs of lovers exchanging mutual notes or love letters, and called his partner as "My Valentine".

In the modern era, culture and legends of Valentine's Day is spreading along with a variety of colonization by British and Americans across the earth. Coupled with a massive campaign in various media such as television, magazines, newspapers, the internet and books, making Valentine's Day a culture derived from a global legend, so in the puja and awaited the youngsters.

That's a bit of a story about the history of Valentine's Day. Regrettably, from time to time, the essence of love this day shift function and meaning become very negative in terms of culture and religion. May be useful for you. Choose the right culture to culture and our religion.